By - March 24, 2013 - 04:56 AM IST

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From quite a while, we have been hearing a particular news more often [Of course apart from bandhs and bomb blasts]. It is of various star kids’ debuts. More or less, there is one such debut every odd week. Here in Telugu cinema, sons of star [our beloved ‘Babu’s] are born to be stars again- that’s their birth right! Well apart from them, daughters of our stars are also growing keen upon inheriting their dads’ image, fan base and are agog about testing their trump cards in this glitzy showbiz! With Tamil actor Sarath Kumar’s daughter Vara Lakshmi joining the list recently, this evolving trend is basking in the limelight.

Well swirling back a little (put your mosquito coils at work), when Manjula, the daughter of Superstar Krishna was gearing up to make her debut as a heroine, the fan-base of her dad greatly opposed this idea that left this ambitious actress deterred [Of course, she had to showcase her talent later with Show, Orange etc]. Fans weren’t positive on her idea claiming that they couldn’t take their demi god’s daughter going glamorous [ahem…ahem!]


Today, drawing inspiring from Bollywood where stars like Rajesh Khanna [daughter Twinkle Khanna], Satrughan Sinha [daughter Sonakshi Sinha], Dharmendra [daughter Isha Deol], Anil Kapoor [daughter Sonam Kapoor] and Kamal Haasan [daughter Shruthi Haasan], Mohan Babu [daughter Lakshmi Manchu], Arjun [daughter Aishwarya], now Sarath Kumar is grooming his daughter Vara Lakshmi for her debut in Tollywood.

Then trend appears to be still prevalent and the chain seems to only grow! But, the undeniable fact is that the common audience is ever evolving. Now, it is definitely not the same sect of fans who put thumbs down for Manjula. Otherwise, heroines like Sonakshi, Sonam, Shruthi Haasan et.al should have faded by now. So, we are a certainly on a progressive track reaffirming our broadminded status. Therefore, all the budding Barbie dolls, you should be shedding extra for you are in an era witnessing this trend and welcoming all the star daughters and the common man is evolving and getting tolerant or rather immune to such trends.