Prabhas' stamina in full swing!

By - March 26, 2013 - 01:01 PM IST

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Though Prabhas started his career with average movies like ‘Eeshwar’ and ‘Raghavendra’, his career graph has become highly progressive and reached the pinnacle of success with ‘Mirchi’. It is purely his hard work and dedication that made him a crowd puller.

Coming to the ‘hottest’ news of Mirchi, the movie is just 3 days away from its record breaking 50 days in almost 250 centers in AP. Nearly 3 years back Balayya’s ‘Simha’ had such dream run but only in 150 centers. Mirchi’s record is 3 times higher than even the recent Super hit movies like Seethamma Vakitlo…(SVSC) and Nayak.

In the era of chasing and relying only on the openings and collections, winning such a rare feat in 250 centers is a commendable task. Also having no big hits around the corner is an added
advantage to ‘Mirchi’. Usually February is considered a dry month for movies considering the exams. Despite this, Mirchi running successful in large scale is a humongous achievement by Prabhas. As per trade analysts no other movie can reach this figure in 2 years.

Kudos to Prabhas, and his box office stamina. If this is what Prabhas could do with Mirchi, imagine what ‘Baahubali’ has in store!. 
iQlik Movies wishes Prabhas to continue his progressive race and win the hearts of many more audience.