iQlik special interview with Victory Venkatesh

By - March 27, 2013 - 06:44 PM IST

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Venkatesh Daggubati - one of the prime pillars of contemporary Telugu cinema, who has got ‘Victory’, etched as his surname and pretty much a part of him too! He is one who redefined ‘commercial hero’ for us and taught generations that even mainstream can be versatile. He is ageless and his thirst for versatility knows no limit and as a part of quenching it, here comes Venky with yet another versatile role in SHADOW.

iQlikmovies could manage to catch hold of this ‘Peddodu’ and win an exclusive free-wheeling chat about Shadow

iQlik movies: Hello Venkatesh… Firstly, Happy Holi to you and your family! How are you celebrating?

Venkatesh: Thank You… We are not celebrating these days and I could barely remember when we had a Holi bash. Anyhow…Wish you the same…

iQlik : You seem to be on a row with your classic Midas touch-be it cinema or cricket. How are you feeling?

Venkatesh: (Smiles) Well, so far I had a good season. I always enjoyed whatever I did. On top of it, Cinema and Cricket are two things close to my heart. So I have every reason to be a happy man.

iQlik : Absolutely…Well you seem to be donning a rugged look in ‘Shadow’ nearly after ‘Ganesh’. So, how was the response?

Venkatesh: Yeah…you are right. It has been years I have tried something out of the box in terms of my looks. So, I was impressed the moment Meher narrated this line to me. In fact, personally I felt refreshed donning this look and the feedback was also good. No one said “yuck” yet! (Laughs)

iQlik : Well, we know that is ‘Venky’s panache’! But, this genre is not new to director Meher Ramesh. How come you go for a director at low ebb?

Venkatesh: Of course…he has always been good at this genre. See…success and failures have been a part of this game from ages! So, I don’t judge a director’s mettle from his hits or flops. I somehow liked the line he has come up with and I go with my heart vibes and it has absolutely got nothing to do with his track record!

iQlik : Hmmm…that is commendable! Tell us something about the daredevil stunts you performed in 'Shadow'…

Venkatesh: Ha ha ha… that’s what I was telling you…I have tried a different ball game all together this time. And the stunts were also a part of it. I went to the best extent possible in performing these stunts given all my limitations. And fortunately they have come out well. Definitely not any of those illogical supernatural fights you usually find! Take a breath…. (Smiles)

iQlik : Good one! Well is it that you are some mafia don in the move?

Venkatesh: No…it’s nothing but a rumor. I play a dual role that carries two different shades – one you are finding in the posters and another soft character. You’ll enjoy it for sure.

iQlik : Tell us something about your forthcoming multi-starrer ‘Bol Bachchan’ remake…

Venkatesh: Yeah…it is yet another different comical role I’m doing in this film. This is the second time working with Vijay Bhaskar after our Malliswari. It’s a good script and Ram is doing a fantastic job. This film will be a lovable entertainer for sure.

iQlik : Ok…we are looking forward to the film as well. Happy Holi once again…

Venkatesh: Thank you very much. Wish you and all my fans a happy and colorful Holi.