'LavaKusa' cast felicitated

By - April 02, 2013 - 03:52 PM IST

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‘LavaKusa’ the first ever Telugu color movie has recently completed its golden jubilee. In the wake of this, the cast of ‘LavaKusa’ were felicitated by the Yuva Kalavauhini in Thyagaraya Gana Sabha function hall in Hyderabad. The twin role played by actors Naga Raju and Subramanyam were honored along with Kaikala Satyanarayana, who played vital role in the movie. Actors Roja Ramani and Chakrapani were also honored for their contribution in Oriya version of ‘LavaKusa’. Late Kantha Rao’s wife Hemavathi was also felicitated on behalf of him who played the role of Lakshmana. Shawls and Mementoes were presented to the cast for their outstanding work in the epic movie, which is considered as one of the finest movie ever made in Telugu Industry. MLC’s Rudra Raju Padma Raju, Saripally Kondal rao, Palakurthi Madhusudhan Rao, J. Bapu Reddy, Acharya Hanumanla Bumaiah and Dr. K.V. Krishnamurthy were the chief guests to the felicitation ceremony. Singers Lakshmi Meghna, Sai Ramya entertained the audience with songs from ‘LavaKusa’ after the ceremony.