Koncham Singing - Koncham Acting!

By - April 04, 2013 - 12:48 PM IST

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Singing – a divine form of art where not everyone is blessed with the ability.
Acting – the most sought after form of art where not everyone is blessed with the opportunity.

We knew of several actors singing but here is for you a scene reversal - Baba Sehegal and Geetha Madhuri are the two buzzing singers who took the potluck of acting with Gunasekhar’s RUDRAMADEVI and ADITI, a short film respectively.

Baba Sehegal [born Harjith Singh Sehegal from Chandigarh], apparently the first Indian rapper was initially popular in the mid-90s with his rap albums ‘Thanda Thanda Pani’ but better known to the Telugu audiences by his evergreen chartbuster “Chik Chiklet…” [Rikshavodu]. Making a comeback with “Karo Karo Jalsa…” [Jalsa], he went on to sing many chartbuster numbers in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada as well. And Geetha Madhuri is yet another well-known face for us, who is making a go of in the industry with hit numbers like “Champka Champka…” [Chirutha], “Ninne ninne kora…” [Nachavule], “Nakosam nuvu…” [Magadheera] and recently “Darlinge Darlinge…” [Mirchi], “Kalahisthe Khatam anuko…” [Baadshah], to name a few!

Each of them have a significant fan-base individually and their acting debut news has now become a rage on the social networking sites. May be it’s the same juicy following, that interested the makers or it might even be the newton-type discovery of an actor in them!

This isn’t just the start, but down the history lane, there are few notable singers who tasted acting as well. And legendary singer S.P. Bala Subramanyam stands at the apex of this chart because the celestial singer he is, the fantabulous actor equally! Why, Sreeram Chandra, the Indian Idol winner has recently forayed into acting with films like 'Prema Geema Jaantha Nai’ and ‘Jagadguru Aadi Shankaracharya’, which are yet to release! And names like Shruthi Haasan, Mamta Mohandas and Vasundhara Das and the recent ‘Viswaroopam’ girl, Andrea Jeremiah cannot be ignored as they went out to make a similar journey.

We have plenty of able actors in Telugu today and many aspirant chaps lingering around the studios every day. But Tollywood is simply blessed with many multi-talented folks and they are quite surprisingly increasing every day! For some its lust, a vested interest for some and purely passion for the others- whatever might be the driving force, these singers grace the acting arena with a ‘VVIP pass’, that their ‘singer’ image has got them! Well this is a big fat world and success is anyone’s call here. So, everyone enjoys a right to test their luck!

Kudos to the common audience who appreciates any good stuff and ruthlessly discards the junk!