'Seetha' harassed by step-mom!

By - April 09, 2013 - 10:54 AM IST

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Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ Heroine Anjali has made sensational statement. The actress reportedly said she is being harassed by her step-mom, Bharathi Devi and by Tamil director Kalanjiyam. The actress is currently in Hyderabad, spoke to Tamil Newspapers and made this sensational comment. Anjali alleged her step-mom for harassing her and using her like an ‘ATM machine’. She also said “Bharathi Devi is not at all my mother, she is my step-mom and the family residing in Chennai are my relatives. I helped them move from Hyderabad to Chennai. But they have used me for the greed of money. They did not even let me talk to my own brother and sister”. She added “director Kalanjiyam also has hand in this. Now my life is under threat, if anything happens to me, my step-mom and director will be the sole responsible”.

Meanwhile director Kalanjiyam is shocked by Anjali’s accusations. He said “I’m really dazed by Anjali’s remarks, even I am not unaware about her companion. I have been too close to Anjali’s family over the past 10 years, since I have introduced her to the silver screen. Their family used to consult me on Anjali’s future projects as a well-wisher.” He added “I don’t know what she is up to? She is still a kid, everything will come out as the time passes”.