Kona?Vaitla fight reaches directors association

By - April 10, 2013 - 03:07 PM IST

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Writer Kona Venkat and director Srinu Vaitla fight has reached the film chamber. Kona has accused Vaitla for not recognizing his work for ‘Baadshah’ and claimed that Vaitla took the entire credit. Upset with this Kona knowingly skipped the triple platinum disc function and success meet of ‘Baadshah’. Kona went further and gave statements to media houses. In an interview to a TV channel, Kona expressed his concern over writers not getting the due recognition for their hard work. That is why many writers are turning into directors.

Now this fight has been brought to the notice of the Directors association of Telugu Film Chamber and which asked both Kona Venkat and Srinu Vaitla to give an explanation on the issue. The association also suggested both not to make any statement to the media and if there are any issues, they are free enough to raise their voice in association meeting and should sort out there itself.