Harish Shankar not disappointed!

By - April 12, 2013 - 03:45 PM IST

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In 'Gabbar Singh' success, foremost credit spirits to the director Harish Shankar. He has identified Pawan’s strengths and made 'Gabbar Singh' a massive hit at box office, which also gave Pawan Kalyan a much needed break. Everybody in the filmnagar thought Harish would obviously direct the sequel as well but Pawan Kalyan has roped in Sampath Nandi to handle the direction department. But this hasn’t upset Harish Shankar at all. He posted a voice bubble in twitter which directly meant that he is not at all hurt by Pawan’s decision.

In fact Pawan Kalyan thought of directing 'Gabbar Singh' by himself, but he called up on Harish and gave him chance to direct. This is a very healthy sign by Harish Shankar and it shows his sportiveness. Wish Sampath Nandi succeeds in the sequel.

Here is the link to the voice bubble