Anjali's Missing Episode ? One case? Many doubts!

By - April 16, 2013 - 12:10 AM IST

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Anjali… the name which people were literally fed up listening from the past one week. Because, that is how it buzzed our ears in the recent past. Some felt bad for her, while some even cursed her step-mom and uncle for the “torture” they allegedly put to her. Her fans have even celebrated her comeback!

But, for anyone who has keenly followed her ‘missing’ case, you would absolutely end up with a list of following doubts:

-    If Anjali has been to Mumbai for what she calls “to relax”, how did she go and where did she stay? [There hasn’t been any evidence yet validating her stay in Mumbai]

-    Let's assume, if she was in contact with her family, producers and even to media through a satellite phone - Didn't our Andhra Police have an efficient system that can track such a phone call? [Her telephonic conversation with her brother Ravi Shankar was recorded even by a private news channel]

-    If she has absconded intentionally due to her uncle Suri Babu’s “torture” and if her allegations that her step-mom and uncle using her as an ATM and an imminent life-threat from them were all true, why has been there no mention of that when she made an appearance before the police?

-    On the day of her appearance before West Zone DCP Sudhir Babu, she was reportedly dropped by the manager of producer Sravanthi Ravi Kishore [the producer of Anjali’s ‘Bol Bachchan’ Telugu remake]. Why should he drop her and disappear in no time after dropping her?

-     Usually in cases like these, it is a protocol that the police offer a detailed picture of the case so far and their investigation in an official press meet, but here, there was nothing as such except for some ‘groomed up’ explanation by Anjali and more or less a similar summing up by the DCP of West Zone.

There seem to be many characters in this alleged stage show. Anjali, apart from being a celebrity, is a citizen of this society abiding to the norms of the society and she shares the responsibilities that she ought to, living in the society like any lay man. Is she the mastermind herself with a mediocre hoax to earn easy fame or has she become the puppet in the hands of any ringmaster?

Both Anjali and Police hold the responsibility to answer the above laden doubts of the common man before the sympathy turns sour!