I will continue the journey of Ishq: Nitin

By - April 16, 2013 - 06:04 PM IST

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With successive hits early in his career, he looked like a promising youngster coming into industry but his magic faded away gradually with consecutive flops. But ‘Ishq’ movie gave him the much needed break. And now he wants to sustain the journey of ‘Ishq’. He is none other than Nitin, his latest movie ‘Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde’ is hitting theatres this week and he is quite confident of it. Here is iQlik Movies' exclusive interview with the young actor.

Hello Nitin… tell us something about ‘Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde’ (GJG) in your words?

This is my second film after my rebirth. I was seriously in a very bad phase before ‘Ishq’. It gave me the much needed success and to uphold it, is a difficult task but I’m very confident about ‘GJG’. The movie will be a genuine hit. So far the business of the movie is also good.

Pawan Kalyan sentiment seems to be a big factor for your films?

Pawan Kalyan is my inspiration. To him, I owe everything in my life. Because of his presence in the audio function of ‘Ishq’ the movie turned out to be a super hit. I seriously can’t thank him in words. I have tried my level best to get him for ‘GJG’ audio launch as well. But he had prior commitments and could not make it. The message he sent is enough for me. I want to share the screen with him and eagerly awaiting for that opportunity. Even if it is a cameo role, I’m ready to do.

Coming to Tholiprema song remix?

I have taken special permission from him (Pawan Kalyan) and from the makers of ‘Tholiprema’ to remix the song. This song will be an asset for the movie. And also we have borrowed a scene from Pawan Kalyan’s super hit film. I can’t reveal much about it. It will be a surprise for audience.

How was working with Anoop and Nitya for the second time?

‘Ishq’ audio got good response only after the release of the movie. Here it’s quite opposite, audio of ‘GJG’ acquired good reviews and positive feedback from music lovers. This is surely a plus point and coming to Nitya, she was not at all in our list before starting the project. We have auditioned several heroines but none were perfect match to the script. I casually narrated the storyline to her and she gave an immediate nod. It’s not at all pre-planned or something to attract the audience. She is apt for the script.

It seems you pleaded Jwala for the special song?

First thing, Myself and Jwala are very good friends and the second thing is that she is interested in acting. She rejected a big Bollywood offer before this, so I had to beg her for this special song. On this note I want to thank her a lot and I am very happy that she is part of my film. Also her presence added little publicity to our film. This song has its own unique style.

Tell us something about your director Vijay Kumar?

Before the start of the project, many in the industry suggested me not to take risk with new comers. But after the first 3 days of shooting, I was pretty confident about Vijay. He is an immensely talented director and I’m damn sure, one day he will join the league of big directors in the Industry.

Your future projects?

Currently I’m doing ‘courier boy kalyan’ and then I have one with director Surender Reddy and Nandini Reddy as well.

Ok Nitin.. Good luck ahead!

Thank You!