I am deceived by Mahesh Babu's Looks: Sumona

By - April 18, 2013 - 07:11 PM IST

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There are big films, very big films, small films and why not even short films being canned up in hundreds every year but ultimately everyone craves for the same ball that wins them home run – the common man’s nod!

But you need to be innovative enough to the extremes to grab his eye and here is one such small film [coincidentally, they named it ‘Chinna Cinema’ to our surprise!] but with ‘Unlimited budget’ it seems [their tagline]! Well when our sight paused on this film, the first one to grab our eye balls was SUMONA. We were giving a sigh of admiration “Ah! What a chic!” only then we were told she is the heroine of the film!


“Andariki Namskaram…Na peru Sumona” welcomed this American born beauty of Indian origin with her engli-piece accent. She was right in the city for the promotion of ‘Chinna Cinema’, her upcoming debut Telugu project. Naturally she’s so agog about it…

Share her gaga about her debut film, the backstory and her aspirations…

Hi Sumona! Welcome to Hyderabad. Having a great time?

Hai [Grins]…Yeah pretty much! It’s a lovely city except for the scorching weather!

Well, that’s how it is! So, your debut film ‘Chinna Cinema’ is gearing up for a release shortly… Tell us about that heat and excitement…

I am very excited! [With a smirk of the tensed] I am eagerly waiting for the release and the audience response. Hope they accept me.

Of course, Telugu audiences do appreciate and encourage real talent. Well, from US to India and moreover, from dance to acting. How did it all happen?

Hmmm… It all happened in a swish! I was busy touring there in US, giving dance performances. By the way, I am trained in Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam as well.

Oh that’s great…

Thank you. Well, you know dance is not only about mere dancing but emotions and acting too. May be, the acting seeds were planted in me then. That is why, though I am a History Major, I took up a Performing Arts course and eventually majored in Theatre.

Whoa…From Theater to Theatre! How did your parents react to this?

Well, initially they were shocked but eventually couldn’t help supporting me [Smiles] my elder brother Suman Saha [almost like a parent] is the biggest support to me.

Now, we agree there are brothers behind beauties! Ok…but how did you jump into Tollywood being in Hollywood?

I do have a lot of Hyderabadi connect. My dance guru Smt. Sadhana Paranjee is a Hyderabadi and I do have friends in Hyderabad. Well, I got into this project through a close friend of mine who saw my pics in Facebook and referred my name to the makers. Sunil and our cinematographer Hyder Bilgrami also referred me to the makers Jyothi, our producer and A.K. Khambampati, our director. The story was good, the team was close. So here I am!

This world is pretty small! Hope you wouldn’t mind leaking about your character in the film…

Yes of course I wouldn’t mind! [Smiles] My character is a very sensitive, docile, endearing girl next door character. I believe every girl relates to her and every boy loves her. I am really glad that I am debuting through a very clean, humorous, fun-loving, enjoyable film like ‘Chinna Cinema’.

So, how are you going to make inroads in Tollywood? Any plan of action?

Ha ha ha… I am pretty much naïve in this industry. I realized that Tollywood is very huge and there is tough competition outside. But, I believe everything happens for a reason and Tollywood also happened to me! Let’s see how people would accept me…I am in no hurry to slosh up!

Good philosophy! By the way, did you have crushes here in Tollywood?

Yeah…Mahesh Babu! I actually didn’t believe when I was told he is married. I was deceived by his looks! I definitely want to act with him.

Naturally and obviously! Seeghrameva Mahesh Babu Cinema chance prapthirastu! Good luck ahead Sumona…

Thank You… Thank you very much! [Laughs]