My SHADOW look is only for 25mins in the film:Venkatesh

By - April 26, 2013 - 10:40 AM IST

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Venkatesh, who stood synonymous for versatility and victory, is geared up to entertain this summer with his SHADOW. With the film releasing today, iQlikmovies has managed to walk Venkatesh through a quick chat and pick a sneak peek into the film.

Hello Venkatesh! SHADOW has raised the heat in the state. It’s always interesting to know how you feel before your releases…
(Laughs) I stopped biting nails long back. Well, I always keep saying this – We put in our maximum efforts with less anticipation over the result. The movie is releasing today. So, let’s see…

Great philosophy! We’ll try imbibing it from you. So, why did you pick SHADOW, any special reason?

Yeah…I have done a couple of action oriented films in the past KshanaKshanam…Gharshana and some of those. But from a quite a while, there have been only family entertainers. So, I was looking for a change and Meher narrated me this. Even fans were also asking me for a different film. So, SHADOW is the answer.

Tells us about the compliments from Chiranjeevi…

Yeah…Chiranjeevi, my good friend liked my looks in SHADOW and complimented over the phone. Thanks to him. Well, many are complimenting my new look. It’s always gives you a good feeling when people like your work.

Well, on behalf of your fans, reveal us more about this look. Please…

(Laughs) Nothing to reveal much! When Meher narrated this to me, I indeed found it refreshing for myself…you know…after very long time…long hair, beard and a don outfit. It appealed to me and hopefully fans too like it. But the time span of this look in film is only 25mins…

Ah! There you are…Thank You! Now, about your director Meher…

(Smiles) Ya…Meher is a very hard working, talented young man. He has carved a very stylish SHADOW. Yes…he is in need of a success. We all need success. Well, I have seen the first copy…the movie has come out really well. I am very confident over the film.

We too expect the same… your next projects…?

My next one will be a mooki (silent) film. 'Pilla Jamindar' director Ashok will direct it. The pre-production is on. But, there’ll be no references to Pushpakavimanam. This is altogether a new film with a brand new story.

Ok…ok…we got it! But guess you need to reassert this till its release…

Yeah… [Laughs]

All the Best to SHADOW…

Thank you!

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