Baahubali story out?!

By - May 03, 2013 - 05:25 PM IST

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When we were looking for the right example for a word ‘Magnum opus’ and dictionaries like Webster, Oxford and Cambridge couldn’t serve our purpose, our sensational director S.S. Rajamouli has given us what we were looking for!

His forthcoming historic film ‘Baahubali’ emerging the ‘baap’ of all the bada projects released in Tollywood hitherto. Be it the budget [Time to drop your jaws, It is touted to be around Rs. 100 crores!] or the gestation period, ‘Baahubali’ topples the movies belonging to the same family. Now, the latest babble in the industry is that, the movie is a good two and half year long project! Our jakkanna shall ‘chekku’ the project meticulously and dexterously for about two and half years which is last heard of boarding the sets next month.

And guess what! iQlikmovies.com knew the complete story of ‘Baahubali’. [This isn’t April anymore to prank our beloved readers]. Though we knew it, in the greater interest of this much awaited juicy project, we decided to disclose the story timely. So, tune into this space for more updates. [You aren’t missing it…are you?]