I wish to see Chiranjeevi at heights: Dasari

By - May 04, 2013 - 04:29 PM IST

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He is one of the versatile filmmakers our Tollywood has ever had. His records speak for himself and his films are trendsetters and landmarks in the Industry. The entire industry sees a loving fatherly figure in him. Because, he is one among the fewest where from a star to a set boy, everyone feels the same affection. His passion for cinema has been perennial and love for people has been unconditional over. He finds time and space for cinema and anyone akin to cinema. But he is also known for his open and acute statements on anything and anyone in the industry. 

In one of his open interviews issued to a private news channel recently on the eve of his birthday, Dasari Narayana Rao made an interesting statement about Megastar Chiranjeevi [with whom he is believed to share not so good vibes] saying that, “I wish to see Chiranjeevi at heights in politics”. What is fishy about this is- Dasari after being denied the Rajya Sabha seat recently [which has been allocated to Chiru] has remained passive politically from a while. Now, both being in the same political party, has this statement been issued contextually with any nuance? Well, it’s the maze left to us to figure out!

Of late, the veteran director is planning to make the Mahabharata battle ‘Kurukshetra’ in 3D. Here is what 'Darsakaratna' Dasari Narayana Rao has to share with iQlik Movies on the eve of his birthday…

How do you see this birthday of yours?

Well, though I am not much into birthday celebrations, this will be my first birthday after my wife expired last year. So I don’t feel like celebrating at all. I thought I’ll stick back to home and spend some quality time with family members. This is my 69th birthday and my association with film Industry turns 50 years and 40 years with direction department, 35 years of Tarakaprabhu films.

I’m also proud to be a part of Indian Cinema as it is celebrating 100 years this year. It’s an honor for me as my name will also feature as a part of Indian Cinema and I am privileged in fact.

Heard you are planning to say “Action” again?

Yes, so far I have 150 films to my credit and now I am planning for my 151st project. I’m yet to finalize this project. I currently have 6 projects in my cards and I’m in dilemma.

Half a dozen projects??!!

Yeah, 3 projects in my own direction and 3 which I’ll be producing. I shall decide on my 151st film shortly, whether to handle my own project ‘Vaddi Kaasula Vadu’, a political drama revolving around a peon (played by Dasari himself) who works at the Chief Minister's office or to handle Manchu Vishnu’s next project.

The remaining projects will be with my assistants, one with Relangi Narasimha Rao, the other with Ravi and one more in the list. I am also planning to make a 3D mythology film.

About this interesting 3D Mythology project…

Yes, I’m planning to make ‘Kurukshetra’ in 3D. The film will be a prestigious one and currently the script work is going on for this project. Huge stars shall be featuring in this project which is planned to be made in 5 parts. I have also shed 19 kilos to keep myself fit because I should be able to handle all the five projects.

That’s great news! Well, do you have anyone in the industry who you admire the most?

K. Raghava of Pratap Arts is the only person in the Industry whom I owe a lot. I’m happy to be part of Industry. I’m always straight forward in anything and I fear nobody in the Industry. Well, there are always advantages and disadvantages for being what I am!

Your take on the recent ticket fare hike by the government?

Well, this is not at all good news for small films. With the hike, theater rents have been increased and it’s turns a burden for the small filmmakers to release their films. Small film budgets usually cannot afford the rentals of theatres. So obviously, their numbers might go down in the near future. I seriously urge this government to rethink about this price hike.

Ok Dasari garu Many Happy Returns once again and eagerly awaiting your future endeavours…