Single role movie - Panchami

By - May 06, 2013 - 12:58 PM IST

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For a movie to be entertaining and visually appealing to the audience it requires lot of artists (cast) apart from a good crew. But have you ever heard of a film which features only one actor/actress? Yes, here is an exciting news about one such project. Veda popularly known as Archana’s forthcoming film titled as ‘Panchami’ will feature only her in the entire movie. This is something strange and never heard or seen in Tollywood. “Who is Panchami and what’s her story, everything will be revealed only in the film” says the director of the film Sujatha. “This is an out and out new subject and Archana is the only artist acting in this film. And visual effects have lot of scope” added Sujatha.

Srikanth Reddy is producing the film. Suddala Ahoka Teja penned lyrics and Koti is composing music. Will this film create sensation or not have to wait see!