'Zanjeer' star Ram Charan to step in court?

By - May 08, 2013 - 08:51 PM IST

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‘Court’ here isn’t a tennis court or polo court but in fact the court of law! [Definitely not for shooting but in live]. The recent Ram Charan-traffic fracas issue has been promoted to the next level! When the victims were apprehensive about filing a case on Ram Charan, the Telangana Advocates Joint Action Committee [JAC] has decided to take the issue further by registering a case against Ram Charan who has allegedly instructed his security personnel to man-handle the two software professionals who reportedly didn’t give way to his car.
“We request the victims to fearlessly come forward while we’ll help them register a case. We demand the police who have been biased so far due to political pressures, to file a case on a suo moto basis and ensure justice to the commoners”, said Sri Ranga Rao, convener Telangana Advocates JAC addressing the press.

So, if the victims can find some courage and step up to file a case, the minister’s son and Mega Power Star can find new troubles for him.

Qlik here for photos from the incident.