I did not apologize, I'm just helpless

By - May 09, 2013 - 11:34 AM IST

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How many old cases involving common man and celebrities have been sorted out in this country so far? When has action been taken against any celebrity? One can hardly get answers to these questions. Right now these questions are haunting victim Phanish who was involved in a scuffle with Mega Power star Ram Charan Teja. He went on further saying “I went to police station with an intention to lodge a complaint. But by then, I started getting calls from my family members. They said that nothing can be done to Charan or his bodyguards even if I file a complaint.  He is a star, son of a Union minister and has money and power. I will end up doing rounds to police stations and courts, but even after that nothing will happen to this case. It will be forgotten as time progresses.”

Phanish squashed the reports that he apologized to Ram Charan and said they are untrue. “There was absolutely no wrong went from my side in this incident. So why would I apologize to Ram Charan? I’m just helpless,” added Phanish.

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