Ardeshir Irani - The father of Indian Talkie

By - May 10, 2013 - 12:14 PM IST

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The visionary director who realized the importance of sound in cinema and the influence it has on the audience- Khan Bahadur Ardeshir Irani. Alam Ara, the first talkie of Indian Cinema was Irani’s debut film and there on, he went about making many films as a writer, producer, actor, film distributor, and a cinematographer, with a very little left to contribute. He is regarded as the father of Indian Talkie, who is also accredited with the first Indian English film, Noor Jahan (1934). His achievements didn’t stop there! He produced India’s first color film Kisan Kanya (Shot entirely in India). Altogether, he gave Indian fimmaking a whole different outlook and made possible several tasks and challenges of cinema. He made movies not only in Indian languages but also in English, German, Indonesian, Persian and Urdu. He owned a firm called Imperial Films and he is also said to be the Indian representative of Universal studios (USA). Irani made 158 films in 20 years, between the first and the second world wars. He made his last film 'Pujari' in 1945.