Battle of Cricket Vs Cinema!

By - May 20, 2013 - 03:33 AM IST

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Good movies performing well in any season are a thing of the past!  These days, the success of a movie depends on many factors. More than the time taken to finish, it’s the time of the release that has an impact on the success of the movie.  Many producers succumbed to losses with the release of their movies during the IPL season, while some even got postponed to negate its effect. The IPL affect - Movies with a hit talk did average, while the average ones hit the bucket.  Overall, movies have been thumped by this quick format cricket. And now the release of Iddarammayilatho getting postponed is also the result of this ball game. Any takes?

It’s a herculean thing for a movie to get a hit talk. Even if they do, they are not getting enough collections on the first day. If one of the reasons is the scorching heat the other is the big bang cricket. Adults have stopped coming out while the younger get glued to their television sets as the dusk sets in, resulting in empty theaters. This shorter form of cricket also has a huge impact on the big hit movies.  Even though Thadaka was a hit, theaters were never houseful. Same was the case over the weekends, while the weekdays did only 50% business. If not for the curse of IPL, GJG would have easily done a business of 25cr, while Greekuveerudu would have made few more bucks.  Even Baadshah got hit by the IPL; its business got stuck at 40cr without moving further.

The makers of Balupu did not want to sacrifice the movie for IPL and postponed its release to June.  Even though Paisa got finished, the producers are finding it difficult to release, courtesy IPL.  Small movies like Pavithra and Prema Oka Maikam were long finished but owing to IPL they are held back. Iddarammayilatho was supposed to be relased on May 10, got moved to May 24 and further startled by IPL it got pushed to May 31. Bandla Ganesh, the producer has also decided to release the movie only after the IPL is done. 

IPL has reached playoff stage, semis and finals are crazy matches which begin only in the evenings. This will have a huge dent on the first and second show collections. Trade analysts believe that this will result in a loss of almost 50% of the revenue.  Overall the summer movie entertainment has been taken aback by this non-stop IPL. Finally, in the war between cricket and cinema, the ultimate winner has been cricket.