The 'A' Grader - Maruthi!

By - May 25, 2013 - 09:31 AM IST

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Did you realize we always talk about Small or Big Cinema …Oops!! We have a wild card entry and it is “THE Maruthi Cinema”.

In the pursuit of youthful entertainers Maruthi is on a roll making Masala Movies. Ee Rojullo and Bus stop are prime examples of such categories that got an ‘A’ from the Censor Board. Looks like he found a work around to escape from the Censor Board by masking double entendres. Now the talk of the town is Maruthi’s Trademark “Concealed Adult Humor”. The general opinion is that when a movie has box office collections it is simply regarded as a “HIT”. So what does it mean? The producers are flying around Maruthi to sign up for new projects.  This simply put Maruthi on the driver seat and a pioneer specializing in masala and ‘A’ certificate movies. Maruthi is now a BRAND and his name tagged as Ace ‘A’ director. So the Newton’s reaction is the big boys (Top Hero’s) are not in this league and the evidence is even Sunil stepped back.

After all the fuss, the confession starts for Maruthi and now he announced that he would be making movies in the mold of Jandyala (We don’t wish) which is even scary !! The old saying comes true just when everyone thought he was a changed man, it is the same old story, same cinema with the same certificate. 


So now our enlightened director Mr.Maruthi made ‘Prema Katha Chitram’,where he took the added responsibility of surveying the story, screenplay and direction on to his shoulders. He added “Can Maruthi also make such films other than A GRADE?” and everyone would give him a better grade. Now that this movie is just out of the oven from the censor board and guess what? It is certified ‘A’. Till date Maruthi had a reputation for double entendres and now with this movie he got himself promoted to a whole new level and can be termed as visual pornography. He employed Fish & Bait technique to attract the younger generation by adding a mass masala item song. With the addition of his new technique to Maruthi’s trademark dialogues this movie has finally ended up with an ‘A’ certificate.


The phenomena continue, his other movie ‘Mahesh’ for which he is a co-director is also filled with soft pornography. His upcoming movie ‘Kotha Janta’ starring Allu Sirish and Regina Cassandra also belongs to the same genre. Such efforts may yield mileage for the short term, but in the long run it may back fire on the younger generation. Overall Maruthi looks smart but his vision is on the wrong track and would be better if he can focus on better scripts. He should realize with the current technology & resources people need not go to the theatres to watch the so called Maruthi movie. So it is up to him to make it or break it.