Big screen success eludes small screen stars

By - May 27, 2013 - 03:13 PM IST

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The replication of the small screen success on the big screen seems to be a very difficult art to master. Otherwise every one who has tasted success on the small screen would have been a big movie star as well. But that isn’t the case as we have only Shah Rukh Khan as an example for this successful transformation who later went to on to rule the Hindi film industry coming from a Television background. Many followed his foot steps in his wake but none of them managed to get even a fraction of his success.

Telugu film industry comparatively is at a much worse level with none from the small screen managing to make a mark on the big screen. Its not like that small screen scene was poor in Telugu because it already has a number of popular faces to its credit. People like Suma, Jhansi, Udaya Bhanu, Shilpa Chakravarthi, Prabhakar, Anil etc are very popular from the TV medium and in fact can be called as stars related to this medium. They are the most recognized faces from small screen almost on par with the stars we have in Telugu cinema. But none of them managed to make a mark on the big screens when they tried their hands at it.

Suma at the start of her career itself starred in a film called Kalyana Prapti Rastu directed by Dasari Narayana Rao which was a washout at the box office. Jhansi never got the main leads and was happy doing small characters or comedy roles. It was the same with Prabhakar and Anil too. Udaya Bhanu on the other hand settled as an item girl and was seen in some successful films too like Leader and 'Julayi', but her career never moved forward. Anchor Omkar tried to be different and directed a film but the end result was the same. Even the latest small screen sensation anchor Anasuya too is finding it hard to get lead role despite her immense popularity.

They are all beautiful, talented and have a great command over the language, yet, these small screens idols keep failing at the big screen. Where does the fault lies, does visibility on daily basis rob them of the starry qualities or is it pure bad luck? These questions will remain unanswered as long as someone comes and breaks the jinx but the million dollar question is when is it going to happen?