Prabhas's double whammy in Baahubali?

By - May 27, 2013 - 02:04 PM IST

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Young Rebel Star Prabhas’s 'Baahubali', is one of the most sensational project that is in the pipeline currently. Massive budget, period setting and SS Rajamouli at helm with his Chatrapathi star Prabhas has taken the hype of the film to a new level even before the actual commencement of the shoot. Well! Here is an exclusive scoop from us on this most anticipated film.
Prabhas will reportedly be playing dual role of a father and son in the film. Anushka will be playing a role that will be wife to one and mother role to another character. Getting further into the story, it is believed that, Rana-who plays a negative character in the film, kills the elder Prabhas while his wife Anushka is pregnant. The film’s actual story is about the son taking revenge for his father’s death. This revenge theme looks straight up the ally of director Rajamouli, can he recreate his magical formula once again with the film. To know the answer, all we can do now, is wait for a couple of years.