Tollywood relieved as IPL ends

By - May 28, 2013 - 04:01 PM IST

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Indian Premiere League (IPL) has become a big threat to movies ever since its inception and this year the impact was at an all time high boosted by superlative performance from the local Hyderabad team. Big or small films didn’t matter to the IPL mania that had hit the nation and state in particular. A proof of its impact can be seen with the dwindling collection of films in the first and second shows throughout the season. Even the weekend which generally is considered as movie outing time with family, was effected big time by the IPL.

Naturally then with the IPL coming to an end the entire industry is feeling relieved. Things will come back to normal with the release of a biggie, they feel. Several movies which were postponed during the IPL season are planned to have release one by one. This year also additionally saw the spot fixing controversy emerge involving few Tollywood names which triggered panic among the industry. But with the end of IPL, the controversial issue too has taken a backseat much to the delight of the industry. It is cheers all around for the industry now and if a film manages to hit bulls eye immediately the cheers could continue for a longer period.