Mega Second film sentiment for 'Kotha Janta'

By - May 30, 2013 - 05:45 PM IST

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Sentiments are something that everyone in the film industry follows whether it works in favor or not. We have many such sentiments and here is one such from the Mega family. The second films from actors of Mega family have gone onto to become big successes establishing the actor in question. Pawan Kalyan had 'Gokulam Lo Sita' as his second venture which made him get noticed after the forgetful first film. Allu Arjun had the sensational 'Arya' as his second outing which sealed his fate as star not just in Andhra Pradesh but also in other state like Kerala. Finally Ram Charan had 'Magadheera' which needs no introduction now.

The million dollar question now is will Allu Sirish too continue the same sentiment and score a hit that would settle his position in industry for a long time to come. 'Kotha Janta' is directed by Maruthi who has two back to back successes and with the director once again doing a film of his comfort, will it give the required break for Allu Sirish after the debut debacle. We can only speculate now but the reality would be known once the film hits the screens later in the year.

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