Remake Mela in Tollywood

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The directors of Telugu films have long stopped writing their own scripts. They are just getting benefited by making a concoction of two or three stories. There is no one to question them and to top it off the audience are encouraging these kind of movies as a good visual pastime. There is another way which does not involve any risk and its nothing but remake stories. Pick a box office hit movie from our neighboring states and redo the same movie frame to frame. It’s become a enormous task for the directors to write a story, show it to the producers and heroes and make the necessary changes and finally take it to the sets. Hence, everyone is taking the easy route of picking the DVD of a Tamil/Hindi hit movie and giving it to the producers and heroes to get their consent. This is the reason why there is a lot of demand for remakes in Telugu.  Despite the failure of many remakes, the idea did not lose its gloss and its working wonders in Tollywood. The big league heroes also prefer remakes as they have been successful in other languages. Well let’s take a look into remakes that are coming in Tollywood.

Venkatesh in general is considered the king of remakes. Almost half of his hits are remakes and he is following the same route once again. He is starring along with Ram in his upcoming movie Golmaal, the remake of Ajay Devgan and Abhishek Bachchan starrer Bolbachhan. K.Vijayabhaskar is handling the mega phone for this project. This is a funny story where one person pretends to be two and confuses everyone.  Such movies have been screened in Telugu in the past, but since it was a hit in Bollywood they have decided to remake it.  Manchu family is also very fond of remakes. Mohanbabu’s big hit Peda Rayudu was also a remake. He is starring in a movie along with Manoj and Vishnu under the direction of Sri Vasu and this is also a Hindi remake but for some reason the name is kept a secret. Manoj’s upcoming movie Potugadu is also a Kannada movie remake.

After Victory Venkatesh, it’s our angry man Rajasekhar with so many remake films. For the past few years he did not have any hits and started looking for a safe project. He is now preparing to remake the Tamil film Settay where he will essay the Tamil role of Samudragani in Telugu, even the director is also from there.   Hindi Film Band Baja Baaraat is also being remade both in telugu and Tamil with Nani in the lead. Initially they plan to do it in Tamil and then translate it to Telugu.  This time even the young actor Nara Rohit also chose a remake subject.  He is co-starring with Regina in the film Shankara directed by Tatineni Satya. This is a remake of the Tamil block buster Mouna Guru.  It’s an action film with the shooting almost finished.

Tadakha success has given new hope to our directors and they believe the movie will fare well if they make it with Telugu nativity. However, there is a small fix. The producers believe it is a good idea to have the remake done as it as without any changes and the directors end up not having anything to do.  Then why does the movie need a director if there is no creativity is everyone’s question?  If a DVD is put in front anyone could make a movie frame to frame, but it's not what is required. One should be able to mold the story according to the nativity of the regional audience. That’s when a remake will be a box office hit, if not we will end up with movies like Mr.Pellikoduku without making any impact at the box office.


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