Heroines Wanted

By - June 02, 2013 - 07:26 AM IST

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The scarcity of new heroines in the industry is not new and it has been happening for quite some time.  Even after we have been importing heroines from Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, and Kerala – “The Crisis for heroines” still exists.  But in the recent times the big screen in Tollywood has been dazzling with heroines such as Amala Paul, Catherine, Regina and Nisha Agarwal. We are also crossing the borders to import the heroines from other countries. Depending on the need and situation we are also promoting singers and models as Heroines and still the so called “Crisis” exists.
What is even more surprising is that most of the heroes have scarcity for heroines and even if they happen to find one, The heroines are straight away rejecting these offers with no hesitation. What could be a good reason behind this situation? So who are those heroes that currently have crisis? Here is our briefing on this context for “Heroines Wanted”.
As we all know, Ruler starring Balayya is still on a look out for the heroine. It is told that there will 2 heroines but they still could not find one. This trend of not finding a great match for Balayya is nothing new and real challenge is the age factor thereby this putting a great deal of burden on the Directors.  Within the current inventory only Nayantara, Anushka and Priyamani are more apt for Balayya but they already had their piece of pie and are out of the radar now. Adding fuel to the fire Anushka’s schedule is super hectic and Nayan is too careful about picking the right horse to ride. So ultimately the last one from the shelve is Priyamani and Balayya is not showing any interest to pair with her. Talking about the younger generation Kajal, Samantha & Tamannah are too young to fit the bill. So looks like we need to shift our focus to find the right heroine rather than having to stress too much on the script.
On the same track Venkatesh is no exception to this situation. SVSC itself has stood out with the task of mission impossible to find the match, seems that Dil Raju‘s team had to go through a complete drill to find a heroine and had to settle with our controversial gal Anjali. So for his next upcoming project Golmaal they picked Anjali and are able to breathe easy now. Going in to the future the quest to find heroines for Venkatesh and Balayya is not going to be an easy task. So looks like only Nag from this generation can easily blend with any heroine, but sweet bummer for him is that any heroine who acts with Chaitu may look awkward with Nag and that is the only issue for Nag.
Most recently Sunil said that heroines are bit scary to act with him and that is as true as it gets. Sunil was a comedian up until yesterday and performed support role characters and now the heroines are expressing “How can we act with him? “. So bottom line for any new Sunil’s project it has to be a new gal or get going with Isha Chawla.
On the same context Allari Naresh’s situation is even terrible where the lead heroines are very hesitant to pair with this Allarodu. Digging into it the facts, all the heroines who debuted with Naresh were hardly seen on screen again and did not have any further prospects. This put a name tag of “Iron Leg” to Naresh which is the current rumor. It is eminent that all the heroines have to just shake their hip with Naresh because his movies simply put him in the driver seat and he is all over the screen. This is the main cause on why the lead heroines are hesitant to pair with Naresh.
The final verdict is that many heroes are facing a similar situation in the quest of the heroines, May be a “Pack of Angels” should descend to the Earth to solve this drought.
So Ladies who are fascinated to act!! Fire up your resumes and make the hay when the Sun is Shining. We really think the SUN IS going to Shine for a while. So Good luck to you!! and don’t forget to thank iQlik Movies  if you happen to become a Heroine.