Baahubali in 3D!?

By - June 03, 2013 - 07:39 AM IST

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Prabhas-Rajamouli combo is getting lot of hype day by day. Everything is getting multiplied - the movie budget got doubled and it got divided into two parts. Adding to this, There is some more sweet news for the fans - Jakkanna is planning to shoot this movie in 3D. Even though it was not in their initial plans and with all the hungama the 3D movies are making, the makers have decided to shoot Baahubali in 3D .  Personally Rajamouli doesn’t want to watch a movie in 3D as it causes extra burden on the eyes. But after the release of Eega, a 3D company made some Eega shots in 3D and surprised Rajamouli. After watching those scenes Rajamouli understood the impact it will have on the scenes and also the audience. So, Eega is one of the main reasons for making Baahubali in 3D.

The time is not far away to watch Prabhas-Rana-Anushka in 3D on a large screen! I am sure the fans and all the action movie lovers will get a visual feast.


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