Puri and Bunny's Bailout Program!

By - June 04, 2013 - 09:29 AM IST

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Time and time again we have heard producers going bankrupt just because the movie was bumped at the box office. But what you are about to hear will be refreshing to the ears. As we all know, Bandla Ganesh had high expectations for Iddarammayilatho and because of Puri’s execution capabilities, he spent surplus without even listening to the story. We hope you remember the buzz about his expensive gifts to Puri and the entire crew even before the movie got started. However it is also known that the trade analysts have already predicted that the movie may not perform well the box office.

Now comes the interesting part, seems that Puri has promised to make one more movie for Bandla Ganesh for which he agreed to cut down his remuneration and make this movie with a low budget and even Bunny is also on the same page. Bunny also stated that “Tell me a good story and we will do one more movie on your banner”. This movie will get onto the sets as soon as possible, not only Ganesh but all the buyers who took a hit may recover. This is a good sign which is a great professional ethic on behalf of Puri and Bunny to bail out the producers going negative.