Shriya's screen presence is amazing: 'Pavithra' Maharshi

By - June 04, 2013 - 03:19 PM IST

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Janardhana Maharshi, the writer turned director who made his debut with the offbeat film Devasthanam is back again with his second film Pavithra. It’s the story of prostitute played by Shriya. Share the director's excitement and his working experience on the film.

How excited are you about the release of the film?
I am super excited for the release of Pavithra. It is expected to release in more than 500 theaters which is huge and frankly unexpected.

What are your expectations on the film’s performance?
I am hoping for a huge opening looking at the release Pavithra is getting. In Nizam alone it is releasing in more than 80 theaters.

Tell us about Shriya’s performance in the film?
Shriya has done a fantastic job in the movie. She has put her all into the role and delivered a great output as an actor. Her screen presence is just awesome and everyone would feel the same once they see the film.

How was it working with music director MM Srilekha?
It was a wonderful experience working with her. She has given five superb tunes for the film and they have been picturized very well too.

Your first film was Devasthanam and now you have made a completely contrasting Pavithra. How has been the journey making the two films?
I couldn’t have asked for a more contrasting beginning to my career as a director. I have learned a lot making the two films and as I started making Pavithra the dedication in me also increased a lot to live up to the expectations.

Are you happy with the outcome of the film?
I am very happy with the final outcome of the film as I have already seen the first copy. The film has turned out the way exactly I had hoped to. Let’s hope the audience like it in a similar way.

On this note director Janardhana Maharshi concluded the interview. We wish the director all the best for his second outing as director. Let’s hope he strikes a fine balance between sensibility and commerciality and entertains the audience in the process.