Not even one girl fell for me!

By - June 11, 2013 - 07:29 AM IST

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Not even one girl fell for me those days! - Siddarth

Siddarth is a true allrounder. He has experience in Acting, Singing, Writing, Directing and Production departments. He tells loads of interesting things in Twitter. He is also regularly in picture whenever love or gossips occur! Siddarth always has atleast one film in hand. He juggles between Telugu, Tamil and  Hindi language films continuously. Now he is back with an upcoming Telugu Film “Something Something” on 14th June. On that account, here is an exclusive interview with the actor.

What is that “Something Something” which this film has?

The film revolves around Love. It's a story based on me, Hansika and Brahmanandam. There are two heroes in the film and the interesting thing is that- Brahmanandam is the second hero! He is seen in a peculiar character named Love Guru.  Any love story based film demands good chemistry between the lead pair. This film evidently has it.

Is good Chemistry enough for a love story?

My guru Mani Ratnam always says this “Love Story doesn’t just mean having two protagonists falling in love.  When Hero and the Herione look at each other - Love will not happen at a flash! There should be a strong reason for love to happen. Some magic should happen by itself.” If one wants to show just hero and the heroine in love - the film will complete in just ten minutes.  The interaction between the lead pair is crucial for the Love story and that is wonderfully depicted in this movie.

Reason behind selecting this story in particular?

Sometime back I watched a Tamil movie named “Kalagalappu” which was directed by C.Sundar. After the film was completed I met him at a party. It was the first time to see him in person. I went straight to him and said “Sir, I want to work in a film with you!”. Infact it was the first time for me to go and ask a director straightforwardly in that way! He was obviously surprised but two days later, I received a call from him saying “We are making a film together!”. And that’s how this story came into being.

The incidents in your film reflect your real-life love story as well?

(Laughs) Oh Come on! I have never been a lover boy in real life! During college days, not even one girl fell for me! Its predominantly in films I am portrayed as a Lover boy! That is the reason people say, “Siddu, you are a sweet boy!”. Whenever I hear that, I feel how nice it would have been if I were seen like this in College days!

Why do you give more importance to films made in two languages?

It is just a sheer coincidence. Every film would not click as a simultaneous make. If a movie is released at a time in two languages, it is advantageous for the producer. Especially for small budget films this is very useful.

What is the reason behind you not getting much success in Telugu Films these days?

According to me - there is no such thing as Hit or a Flop. It is just the films which run and the ones which don’t run - That’s it! At times even crap films play out very well with no reason whatsoever. In fact, most of my favourite films were flops! But it obviously doesn’t mean the films were not good, isn’t it? The taste of audience is changing rapidly than ever these days. A film which is liked today may not be liked tomorrow!

So many gossips of your marriage with Samantha are propping up off late?

I cannot tell the reason why such gossips are coming out. If you guys stop writing they will be stopped! But whatever I do, I will do by telling my mom and dad. That is for sure.

If you give some clarity about this issue, such gossips would stop, will they not?

No matter how much clarity I give on certain issues,  there is no use.  Gossips just go on and on!

Have you watched the Hindi remade version of your film “Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana”?

No I haven’t. Prabhudeva is sure a director with Golden Hand!

Why didn’t you choose to act in the remade version?

I am not too fond of acting in remakes. I was asked to act in Bommarillu Tamil version. But being a person who doesn’t like to do the same work repeatedly, I rejected the offer.  The search for a good character and a good story is like a beautiful journey. Once the search ends, doing the same journey in the form of remake would get very boring!

What are your upcoming projects?

I am acting in a film directed by Vasantabalan. It is the most challenging role in my acting career. The movie is based on Music and lot of importance is given to it. A.R.Rahman is scoring music for the film. Another film is by director of Pizza fame Karthik Subburaj. It is a crime Comedy  thriller.