SVSC ? The next 'Athadu'?

By - June 12, 2013 - 05:58 PM IST

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Yes are you wondering about the same topic? Then same pinch!! Red or Blue? Anyhow, we are sailing in the same boat…

The moment Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, the most touted modern day multi-starrer was telecasted in MAA TV last Sunday i.e., 9th June 2013 @ 7pm, many might have got their evening snacks and couches ready, many have postponed their evening hangouts and school kiddos might have completed home works early or might have just saved it for the completion of the movie. Or some might even have not cared to give a damn [We are right now not addressing you guys…Chill!] Well on the flip side, some should have expressed their fear about its fate and their fate too! Puzzled?? Ok let’s get into the story…

Athadu (2005), an action drama is a classic that might have not done wonders at the box-office but is definitely a cult when you ask our TV pundits. It was a movie that took popular writer turned director Trivikram close to his fans and in turn established him as a “Television director” [Ahem…ahem… hope he doesn’t get to read this truth mentioned! It is an open secret we’ll share later]

Sooraj, a software engineer shares “Yeah I still remember…I was doing my 2nd year intermediate. That was a Sunday and unfortunately we had an exam too. I had to scribble fast, throw it on the invigilator’s face and rush back to home before 4pm to catch the opening of the film”. Now, we guess you can understand the gaga about Athadu’s first television premier.

Speaking televisionically and statistically, when Television considers a TRP (Television Rating Point) of 3 to be an economically profitable rating for a cinema [that varies with the slot time of telecast], Athadu registered an all-time record rating of 14 [next to Sri Rama Dasu’s 16 TRP] according to a source. In the very first year of its telecast, it registered a consistent rating of above 6. As per Athadu is concerned, it is also believed that Jayabheri Arts, the producer of the film has finally benefitted through television satellite rights alone which has been renewed by a considerably higher amount of Rs.3.6crore than its previous purchase [according to a television source]. And also what, in the first year of its telecast, it maintained an average rating of about 6 and even in the second telecast, it is grossing 3 in spite of the yearlong hammering. What a TV film…ups…err…what a film!!

Even SVSC has its own credits to boast about. It being the first big player multi-starrer in recent times and also a pakka family watch [like the Sankranthi model] which stirred the cash registers at the box-office and that too on the small screens for the first time made it a “can’t miss” watch this time. Its fate shall be declared this 20th June by Television Audience Measurement agency TAM [ALERT!! The more the rating, the more number of telecasts].

But, bhayion or behenon [brothers and sisters], please don’t worry; from now on, all your festive occasions will be extra merry with SVSC. Even most of your Sundays and public holidays can also be jubilant with the same SVSC. If not an exaggeration, start counting and someday, you may even win a contest of telling its number of telecasts.

So, is SVSC going to be the next ‘Athadu’? Well, definitely not a million dollar question!