External effects for new releases' poor openings

By - June 14, 2013 - 02:01 PM IST

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Something Something and Saradaga Ammaitho are the two new releases today and both have been effected by forces that are out of their reach. The torrential rains that have hit the state combined with the agitation and bandh happening in the state capital have resulted in poor openings for the two films all over. This double bonanza has dampened the mood of the actors involved in both the films.
Incidentally this is the second film of Siddharth that had an external factor showing an impact on its opening day itself. His first release of the year, Jabardasth’s opening too were hampered by the blasts that happened on the night before its release causing a bandh in Hyderabad. The actor is already very low on success and with this special add-on’s he is now finding it hard to get a decent opening too.