By - June 14, 2013 - 06:44 AM IST

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Says Ravi Teja…

Expresses Gopichand…

Declares Kalyan Ram…

Nods Allari Naresh, Varun Sandesh, Sushanth…

Who’s that celestial diva that our stars are desperate about???

Well, our heroes seem to be craving for none other than ‘Success’! [Wait…we hear some ‘punctured-tyre sounds’?! Ok no swear words please…] Well, all the above are desperately waiting for a success like an undeterred lover waiting for his lost love.

Ravi Teja, the Mass Maharaja who has set a trend for success with his own trademark and who even has a brand name of being a ‘Minimum guarantee hero’ is now in the arena to redeem his lost championship. With six consecutive flops so far, he has pinned all his hopes on Balupu and fortunately Shruthi Haasan looks promising! Hope she turns the knight in the shining armour for the Mass Maharaja, otherwise, he can always pitch back to assistant direction!

Gopichand, a silent hero who is naturally very choosy about his projects is also very worried and is in pursuit of ‘Success’. On a frank note, after Mogudu flop, he is exhibiting ‘Sahasam’ in coming up with an adventure thriller like Sahasam that too with Tapsee in the camp. Looks like, he has taken the anecdote “Poyina chote Vethukkovvali” too seriously!

Kalyan Ram is a meteor for sure. Like the fancy date ‘12.12.12’, he too flashes occasionally to make his presence felt. May be he takes his time for the ‘right script’ and every time he comes, he definitely comes with a jolt in hands for us. He takes us by absolute surprise and this time, it is no wonder he is coming up with a 3D action film Om, the first of its kind in Tollywood. He is a fab at action and top of it, it is an action flick…so who can afford to miss the fun? Definitely not us!

Comedy sensation, Sudden star Allari Naresh who is also the rarest Minimum-guarantee possession of Tollywood is longing for a solid hit. After Sudigadu, his previous flick Yamudiki Mogudu has bombed at the box-office and now he is busy assembling the pieces. Action 3D, the first 3D comedy film of India is the only hope currently for Allari Naresh. The film being a bilingual and with a star cast looks promising but he keeps a check on his luck! Well, that is understandable!

However, Succcess is not permanent and Failure is not final – a small punch dialog we felt to share at this juncture. We can just wish you good luck like Pawan Kalyan in Tholi Prema climax scene!