BAAHUBALI's birth?

By - June 17, 2013 - 08:20 AM IST

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Baahubali is the historic magnum opus that has hit the bull’s eye right with its inception and country is eagerly looking forward for the film along with the fans. That is why, they wish to hear about its latest advancements and that is where iQlikmovies jumps in and gives the up-to-date info regarding the movie. Now, the latest update is… Wait…

Do you know the DOB i.e., the Date of Birth of Baahubali?

If not DOB, TOB i.e., Time of Birth?

If not TOB, at least POB i.e., Place of Birth?

Ok…if not the above three, we can reveal from where it was inspired from. We know it is an epic film set in Raja Prithviraj Chauhan’s time and it is supposedly inspired from the classic Hollywood epic war film TROY [A familiar film to World cinema buffs] made in 2004. According to our insider sources, Baahubali’s styling, its weapons and other corresponding properties are inspired from Troy, at the same time meeting the demands of the story.

It is an open secret that, Magadheera (2009) was inspired from Gladiator (2000) and The Myth (2005), Maryada Ramanna (2010) from Our Hospitality (1923) and Eega (2012) from an Australian short film Cockroach (2010) and now Baahubali has also joined the list of the same.

A creative idea always can have its genesis in any random atomic space of this nature and great works are always inspirational. Anyhow, we only enjoy the film and our star performances and are least bothered about its inspirations and back stories. Well, until we come up with another update, have this! 


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