Pawan Kalyan's Inspiring Moment

By - June 23, 2013 - 09:51 AM IST

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It is a known fact that Megastar Chiranjeevi worked very hard and came to the position of top actors in Telugu Cinema through determination and patience. There are countless number of fans and audience who were inspired by his life and ventured into Film field. Chiranjeevi is not only an inspiration to people outside, but also to his own family- his brother Pawan Kalyan to be particular in this context. Here is an incident which made Pawan Kalyan realize the tremendous hard working nature of his elder brother Chiranjeevi.

It was those days when Chiranjeevi was struggling hard to make a mark in Telugu Cinema as an actor with versatility. Pawan Kalyan was very young then used to request his mom to prepare a particular dish of his choice, or complained that something is not right on the dining table. Being the youngest brother in the family, his requests were obliged and he was pampered lovingly. One night when Pawan was awake and saw his brother Chiranjeevi return from a hectic shoot, he got a spark of realization. Pawan saw his brother Chiranjeevi promptly going near the table and eat whatever food was present, not even asking his mom to heat the food or ask for something more. Pawan then understood the real hard working nature his elder brother has, and the non-complaining nature made him understand the seriousness of acting career which his brother took!

This might be a beginning spark in Pawan’s mind which prodded him to venture into acting and make an own mark in Telugu Cinema- with his unique style!