I am a minimum guarantee hero even now! ? Ravi Teja

By - June 24, 2013 - 03:56 PM IST

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People say that one cannot reach to new heights in Telugu Cinema without the presence of a Godfather.  But if talent, and ability to stand on his own feet exist – one can reach to unexplored heights of Telugu Cinema was amazingly proved by Ravi Teja.  Being an actor to appear as a Hero’s friend before, now he is one of the Top Heroes in Telugu Cinema. With a series of successful films in his career such as Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam, Idiot, Amma Nanna o Tamil Ammai, he made his own mark on the Telugu Film Industry.  However, Ravi Teja’s track record hasn’t been that successful off late. His future as an actor is being questioned with a series of flops. Now he is all set to come to Telugu Audience with his new film Balupu. On that account, here is an exclusive chit chat with Ravi Teja :

What is in store with Balupu?
It is an out and out commercial film. In short, Balupu has every element which a typical Commercial film demands.

You role in the film has two shades, apparently?
Yes. While one role is a classy one, the other is mass oriented role. To know why, wait and watch on the silver screen!

This is your second venture with Gopichand Malineni. Is there any reason behind working with him again?
Gopichand did well for my previous film ‘Don Seenu’. Then itself I thought I must act in another film of his.

You got a new avatar as a singer also in this film?
Thaman insisted that I should sing. I eventually agreed to it. Initially I thought of singing only one charanam for the song but he made me sing the full song! I also felt it was alright as it was good to hear!

You seem to encourage Thaman again and again?
Thaman is a very talented music director. That is the main reason why I am working with him again and again. I am very happy to see him reach his first milestone of completing 50 films as a music director.

You have earned a good name of a minimum guarantee hero. But don’t you feel your recent films impacted that name?
I still feel I am a minimum guarantee hero.  Success and Failure is not something which is in my hands. At times, even really good films are not hits. Sometimes, even an average film will get good returns. I cannot do much about that!

But, one needs to analyze the results of each film, is it not?
I never worry about yesterday. Or think about tomorrow. Today is of most importance to me.

You used to have at least two or three films in your hand previously. Did that pace reduce now?
Nothing of that sort.  Even if I have multiple projects in hand, I would work on one film at a time. Without my intervention, the news about me doing multiple films used to come out. Anyway, I never talk about my own films. It is the audience who should speak about it!

Heard that you are turning to be a Producer next?
Oh no! I never even got such thought!

There is some news that you are going to work with Puri Jagannadh again?
I will definitely work with Puri again. But as of now I cannot say when it would happen. You can be assured of a film with me and Puri in coming future!

When are you going to venture into direction?
Currently, my focus and thought is on acting. I do have a thought to direct a film but I cannot say when exactly I can do that.