Yami rejects Avunu remake!

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Bollywood actress Yami Gautam has turned down the proposal of the female lead in the Hindi remake of Ravi Babu’s ‘Avunu’. Ironically, the film was inspired from her real life experience while staying in a star hotel in Mumbai. She shared her views with director Ravi Babu during the making of ‘Nuvvila’. Ravi Babu developed a story based on her experience and made a movie. More interestingly, Ravi wanted to make the Telugu version with Yami but she was quite busy then.

In fact Ravi Babu was surprised by Yami’s refusal. He thought it would be the perfect platform to make debut in Bollywood. But his plans got shelved. However, he admitted that he is not at all disappointed by Yami’s decision.

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