Nandamuri fans laudable contribution

By - July 04, 2013 - 11:21 AM IST

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Fans are the backbones for star heroes. They give enormous boost to their heroes in every aspect. In Tollywood, fanism is something different compared to the other industries. The big leagues heroes have close bonding off screen but fans don’t have any sort of that bond and keep quarrelling among them. But when it comes to being responsible, they are the front runners. This has been yet again proved by Nandamuri fans. Apparently, Nandamuri fans run a website in the name ‘Nandamurifans.com’ and they have collected Rupees 1, 66, 768/- from the members towards the devastation occurred in Uttarakhand.

This amount has been donated to NTR trust bhavan for the flood relief fund added a source of Nandamurifans.com.  Well this gesture is something really commendable and hope they continue their social responsibility like this in future too.