By - July 04, 2013 - 08:21 AM IST

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Sorry…now we are not going to demonstrate you how are bikini prepared!

Even we are not going to tell you why they are worn by heroines!


We are here to inform you that milky divas Tapsee and Tamannaah are sporting bikinis in their upcoming flicks Muni-3 and Akshay Kumar-film respectively.

“Hmmm… just another bikini, what’s the big deal!” If this is your reaction, then you have your two good legs in dal (pappu lo kaalu).

Do you know ‘A bikini can change a life’?

Ask the super bond girl Ursula Andress, the one who is known for her ‘iconic white bikini’ in the first ever bond film Dr. No (1962). This bikini not only stood an asset for the film but the scene where Ursula emerges out from the sea in the white bikini was indeed declared as the ‘Top bikini moment in film history’ by the renowned Channel 4 and “so iconic” by the prestigious British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Also guess what, this white bikini that Ursula wore in the film was sold for US$ 61,500 [Rs. 36,90,000 according to the current INR value Rs. 60 per a US dollar]! “This bikini made me into a Success” declared the 64yr old Ursula in a pressmeet after this crazy auction! [Hmmm… Googling or Youtubing Ursula Andress now?? You naughty!]

If it is Ursula in Hollywood, it was Sharmila Tagore for Bollywood. She was the first Hindi actor to don a two-piece bikini for the 1967 Hindi film An Evening in Paris. This unconventional bikini tradition carried forward by Parveen Babi (Yeh Nazdeekiyan, 1982), Zeenat Aman (Heera Panna 1973 & Qurbani, 1980) and Dimple Kapadia (Bobby, 1973) later. And remember all this happened in the 60s and 70s and obviously many jaws dropped and many eyebrows rose.

Even till the previous decade, a bikini was a big ‘NO-NO’ until siren Anushka put the Telugu celluloid ablaze with her sultry yet impressive bikini show in Billa (2009). She was in turn compelled by Nayantara who put the Tamil screens on fire in the earlier Tamil version of Billa. And once this was a rage, no damsel after her was apprehensive about sporting a bikini. The so called conservative Telugu industry became broadminded and receptive for a ‘bikini’ overnight. So, it is obvious that Priyamani (in Drona, 2009) and Sraddha Das (in Mogudu, 2011) followed the bikini-steps of their seniors. May be this glamor accessory has become too mainstream or our audience have got immune to this, the custom was given a hiatus and now with Tapsee and Tamannaah bringing it back into the light, we have to write about this bikini puranam.

Though this showbiz flaunts about its bikini business showcasing so many reasons, the saddest part of this entire segment is the aftermath of it. We only know of these show pieces on the forefront and get judgmental about their off-screen characters or yell at movies ruining our culture in television debate shows. But, how many of us have ever given a thought about how a heroine [who is apparently as sensitive as any other girl next door] gets over her various real life challenges from their male co-stars, male relatives, their life partners after a bikini show?! Above all, she is any other human bonded with relationships.

It is always as easy as a pie to Come, Watch, Comment and slip off but a bikini is not only a glamorous affair but in fact a complicated affair too. Roger that!

Oo la la la Oo la la…aaaah!!!