Happy Birthday to Kalyanram

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To be called a Nandamuri Hero is a big challenge with lot of expectations. Every descendant of the late Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao is scrutinized and will be looked for the mark of their grandfather in their conversations, make up, acting, dialogue delivery and so on. However, Kalyanram did not imitate his grandfather and always went his own way to entertain his fans.

Kalyanram has a distinctive style of film making, he believes in quality and not the speed at which it is done and does not bother if delayed. So, in his 10 years of movie journey he has made only 10 films. He debuted as a hero with the movie ‘Tolichupulone’ in 2003 and earned his first hit with ‘Athanokkade’. His another hit is ‘Hare Ram’ and now he is reaching the audience with his upcoming movie ‘OM’ in 3D.

He has set up ‘NTR Arts Banner’ under which he gives break to new directors. Every movie that came from this banner saw a debut director. Kalyanram also offered the first chance to the now star director Surender Reddy (Athanokkade). “Newcomers come with new ideas, they have fire in them which I like the most. Applaud the troubles they go through to put their ideas on the screen, winning or losing comes later” says Kalyanram. Now, a new director Sunil Reddy was given the opportunity with OM, which is coming to the theatres this July 19th.

"We worked very hard for this film, it’s a two year effort. Many people ask me the question - Did you watch this 3D movie in English? It always struck me why can’t we make such a film and that is why we came up with ‘OM’ 3D” says Kalyanram. This movie is a prime example of this Nandamuri Hero’s persistence and dedication. iQlik Movies sincerely wishes for the success of this movie, pray for all his efforts to be fruitful and hope many new directors will be given opportunities in the future.

Happy Birthday to you Kalyanram.


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