Is there a Singham 3?

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Sequel films are not that predominant in south, but this sequel formula is very successful in Bollywood and that’s how the Singham sequel started. The first part of the film was received well in both Telugu and Tamil languages, and Rohit Shetty took the story and produced a big hit in Bollywood. That is how the name Singham became a brand and director Hari wanted to make use of that brand value. He convinced Suriya and made Yamudu 2 as ‘Singham’ and this film is doing well at the box office. Collections in B and C centers are good, so Hari got enthusiastic and is thinking of making other part too.

 “James Bond sequels are very popular in Hollywood, same is with Singham and it became a brand here. Many movies can be made with this character. There was no plan of a sequel when Singham started, it happened later. Now we don’t have any plan to make part 3, but this may happen. If Suriya gives dates, I will start working on that.”  Says director Hari. 


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