Mahesh Babu's son Gautham made his debut today!

By - July 07, 2013 - 11:09 PM IST

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Is he the child prodigy? Will he follow his father’s footsteps? It’s too early to say I guess, but the blood runs in the family and we are sure he will definitely give it a try. By the way we are talking about the junior prince…hmmm you didn’t get it right, it’s Mahesh Babu’s son Gautham Krishna. He made his debut as a child artist today. According to the filmnagar grapevine he will be reprising a role of Mahesh as a kid in Mahesh Babu – Sukumar’s upcoming film titled ‘1’ Nenokkadine.

Recently Gautham was seen at the audio function of SVSC along with Venkatesh’s son Arjun. They were the cynosure of everyone’s eyes and now we get to see Gautham on the silver screen. Hope this will be a stepping stone for his future and he reaches the heights of his father and grandfather.