Sahasam is not an experimental film: Gopichand

By - July 10, 2013 - 03:23 PM IST

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Hero Gopichand, action elements and family emotions are a must in his movies. But his previous films failed to score hit over the past couple of years. After a huge gap, Gopichand is coming up with ‘Sahasam’ which is releasing this Friday. “its not an experimental film. ‘Sahasam’ has all the commercial substance to score a hit,” says Gopichand. Here is an exclusive chit-chat with Gopichand
Seems like you are continuing the sentiment for the titles of your movies?
[Laughs] seriously I never gave a deep thought about them. I’m not forcing my makers nor they, as per the script titles of films are being decided.  I don’t believe in sentiments and stuff, it just happened.
Reasons behind ‘Mogudu’ failure?
Well, past is past….. How much ever we struggle for a film, the ultimate decision makers are ‘Audience’. Probably the interval part of ‘Mogudu’ was not up to the mark. Although director Krishna Vamsi tried his level best but the film failed to impress the audience.
Tell us about ‘Sahasam’?
In the recent times, this genre film was not seen. Treasure hunt backdrop is the backbone for this film. The interval twist will be major highlights for the film and the visual effects will thrill the audience. The climax episodes will be stand out. So everything has been taken care…. I’m quite confident of this movie.
The release of the film was put-off several times reasons?
The post-production work took lot of time. Especially the last 40 minutes are vital for film and VFX have lot of scope so we took our own time to get the right output.  We initially planned to release the movie for this Sankranthi, later for summer but nothing worked out. Consequently ‘Sahasam’ got delayed again and again.
Working with Chandrsekhar Yeleti for the second time?
Okkadunnadu’ is not a bad movie at all. We did minor mistakes and so the movie did upset us. But personally I liked the movie and I’m satisfied with it and the only drought about it was the movie did not work at box office. After ‘Okkadunanadu’ I planned another movie Chandrasekhar but we waited for the right script. ‘Sahasam’ is the perfect platform for both of us.
What inspired you to sign this film?
All the Hollywood flicks with treasure hunt backdrop related movies have inspired me. Personally I wanted to touch all the genres, so I went ahead with ‘Sahasam’. It’s not at all an experimental film.
When are doing love story films again?
To be frank love story films don’t suit my personality. Even if I do, it must have action elements. So in near future I won’t be doing love story film unless something really excites me.
Well, the six packs trend is still on, when can we see you?
[Smiles] I regularly work out, but haven’t tried six packs so far. And my films also did not suggest it. So I did not go for it but future is not in my hands, may be one day any of my future film may force me for six packs, then I will certainly do it. Till then keep imagining [winks]
How is your post wedding life?
It is wonderful. I got the perfect one, Reshma thinks just like me.  My life has changed little bit after wedding as usual.
Your future projects?
 I have one in pipeline. It’s with director B. Gopal and Nayanatara is the female lead.  The movie will go to floors next month.
Ok… Gopichand… All the best for ‘Sahasam’
Thank You! 

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