What happened to those films?

By - July 10, 2013 - 08:18 AM IST

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To launch a film by breaking a coconut alone lies in producer’s hands. Nobody knows when the movie finishes shooting, even if done there is no guarantee when the film would release. This not only applies for small budget films but also for films having heroes with good reputation. There are countless films which got shelved in between or when completed, the films are not releasing due to financial reasons. The film can be finished in this budget, can be sold at this rate, and get such gains - these are the blind estimations done by producers before making it.  But the reality begins to show up for the producers after the first schedule is finished. Just like one cannot estimate the depth of a lake until getting into it, the difficulties which arise in making a film are not known until the shooting begins.  The budget exceeds the estimated amount and the film doesn’t make much progress.  On the other hand, the interest starts accruing for the debt taken for the film, ultimately scaring away the producer to even make a film!

There are at least four films beginning every day in Film Nagar.  With that estimate, there should be approximately 1200 films releasing every year. Even if two films are successfully beginning per day, there should be 600 new films.  But the films which are hitting silver screens are only 120-140 annually.  That obviously means rest of those films are shelved and nobody knows what has happened to them. Unless new financiers come forward to buy them, these films can’t be released. Such films are countless in Telugu Film Industry right now. Moreover, completed films are not getting released and there are films which are confusing the audience by changing the release date rapidly as well. Some of the films which are currently in this category are:

Intinta Annamayya, directed by K.Ragahvendra Rao is going to introduce Producer Yalamanchili Saibabu’s son Revanth as hero.  The film has been completed long back. But in order to release it, the producer and director are struggling a lot. Though they are saying the film will be released soon, such thing has not been happening. It is known from close sources that the film is having some financial issues and until that doesn’t get sorted out, it is difficult that the film would be released.

Krishna Vamshi’s Paisa is also having the same situation. It features Nani and Catherine in lead roles. This film was delayed in making and it is produced by Ramesh Puppala. The main reason being financial troubles. RR Movie Makers is the organization behind Ramesh Puppala and it is neck deep in debts.  As a result, there was no money available for the producer to make the film.  The shooting commenced whenever he had the money and even now he is out of funds. The film’s marketing work hasn’t been happening either. Ramesh Puppala is waiting for a good ransom to sell the film and as a result the film is being delayed.

J.K.Bharavi - writer of devotional films such as Annamayya, Sri Manjunatha and Ramadasu turned director with Jagadguru Adishankara. Though it is a small budget film, Bharavi did not compromise in the production values for the film.  He even sold out his properties to make the film and it is amounting up to 9 Crores. The film needs more money for visual effects and he needs to repay the debts along with the interest rates.  The marketing has stopped for the film and hence this film also is waiting at the midst of release.

Coming to Naga Chaitanya starrer Auto Nagar Surya - the same situation is present.  Already the film took 17 Crores to be made and it needs additional 4 crores.  When the production house RR Movie Makers gave up funding this amount, the film has been stopped. They spent more than what is needed for Naga Chaitanya’s market. Even to finish the film by investing the additional amount of 4 crores, there is no guarantee that the film would get gains.  Hence, they have decided to give the film to Nagarjuna but he is not ready to take it up.

Jagapathi Babu and Bhoomika starrer April Fool also finished a year back.  But due to lack of buyers and even DTH satellite rights, the film could not be released.  Rakasekhar Arjuna and Taraka Ratna’s project 143 Mike testing, there are countless movies in this list.  Lack of plan and awareness are the main reasons for this.  When a complete script is available and the producer is ready to make film within budget, these sort of mistakes doesn’t happen.

That’s why new Producers….Please be careful!