?Hanu to direct Rana

By - July 12, 2013 - 07:54 AM IST

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Hero Rana does not have any movies in hand as a solo hero. Even though he is acting in Baahubali, it is not a hero character and so is the case with Rudrama Devi, which is a lady oriented subject. While working in these two films he is also trying for lead hero roles. As a part of that, he has teamed with the new director Hanu (Andala Rakshasi fame) and a new movie is on the cards in their combination.
D.Suresh Babu will produce it on Suresh Productions Banner. Story is also finished and Rana might simultaneously work in Hanu’s film along with Baahubali. In the movie Andala Rakshasi, Hanu showcased love feelings impressively. Even though financial success eluded the movie, it was critically acclaimed. And now he has prepared a story along the same lines and will go onto sets shortly.?