I am restarting my career with OM ? Kalyan Ram

By - July 15, 2013 - 12:38 PM IST

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Hero Kalyan Ram is somewhat Hatke compared to other Nandamuri heroes.  He takes his own time in acting for films. His films comes once in three years . He works with new directors and tries to bring new talent to the industry instead of working more with senior directors.  There are no thrilling sequences such as “Thoda Kottadam” or lengthy dialogues in his films.  Most importantly, he doesn’t project himself in grandeur and he knows his market limits quite clearly. Hence, he produces his own films and that was why he got successful films like Athanokkade and Hare Ram in his film career.  Now he is ready with his upcoming film “OM”. This film is exclusively shot in 3D and its release is due on Friday.  Here is an exclusive chat with Kalyan Ram for the occasion:


What is the reason behind keeping the title of the film “OM” ?

My character’s name in the film isn’t OM.  Or any of the characters played in it! But the name has purity behind it. Whenever we want to start a new task, we chant the word OM. There are many new aspects in this film. New story and screenplay – that too shot in 3D.  That is why we began this new venture with the title OM.


How do you think OM would help you in your career?

In one way I can say I am restarting my career with OM.  I felt that I have been lagging behind my contemporaries in the industry.  I questioned myself thinking what I can do in order to offer competition for them. The answer came in the form of this film. In this film you can definitely watch a new Kalyan Ram!


Did you choose the story for filming in 3D? Or the 3D filming idea came up later?

We did not think of filming in 3D initially. While filming for Katthi, Sunil Varma narrated me this story. I was impressed with the story and after Katthi we took up this project. While the script work for this film was going on I happened to watch Avatar.  I was amazed with the film and its effects.  Avatar is the inspiration for us to make Om in 3D. We brought visual effect experts from Hollywood for the making of OM.


Isn’t it difficult to play the dual role of Actor and Producer?

Whenever I go to the set , I think like an actor alone. This film’s budget and production aspects were looked after by my brother in law Hari. I did not bother much about the budget either.


Why did you get the idea of showing the film to Rajnikanth?

The processing work for my films usually happens in Chennai. Once when it was going on, Rajni sir was there in the lab. We wanted to show him our film because Rajni sir’s judgment is always right. Whatever feedback he has, he expresses it directly.


What was his reaction after watching the film?

He felt very happy. He took me to his house and spoke for nearly an hour. Most of the talk was about our film. He asked me questions like where the film was shot, and how much was spent for the film and so on. I can never forget the time spent with Rajni sir and his encouragement. I could get an inexplicable boost-up with this incident.


Is OM a revenge drama?

You can think of it that way. Revenge Drama has been quite lucky subject for me. Athanokkade is also a revenge drama isn’t it?


You have invested 25 Crore on the film all by yourself.  Is there a reason behind taking such a risk?

I know only two things. One is Cinema and other is my family.I am totally aware of my films, my position and my market.  I never wanted to trouble other producer for the sake of my films.


When will you work with senior directors?

I also want to work with them. But nobody seems to think on my lines.  I am sure that everybody would change their opinion after watching Om film.


You said once there would be a film with Balakrishna?

Yes. We did think about it. He also agreed for it. But because of disagreement with the story, the film got shelved. Let us hope such opportunity would come again.


When there would be a film with all the Nandamuri heroes in it?

Script is the only hurdle, I’m ready to do with all my brothers. But we can’t just do a film for namesake and hype of multi-starrer. Everything should fit into its place then, we might do a multi-starrer soon.

Your next project?
Nothing has been finalized yet. I shortlisted one script, after ‘OM’ we will start this project.

Ok… Kalyan Ram… All the best for OM!
Thank You!