Vishnu sends final Telegram

By - July 17, 2013 - 11:47 AM IST

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BSNL India signs off its 163 yrs old Telegram services this Sunday as many people preferring mobiles, sms and emails over Telegram. Many celebrities were in rush to make use this service for one last time. Coming to our Tollywood, Actor Manchu Vishnu makes use of the service for one final time. He sent telegram to his dad Mohan Babu, who is in Bangalore saying “Dad you are my hero. Love you mom.” while Vishnu is in Hyderabad. “I never happened to use Telegram personally, but I remember receiving a lot of them during movie releases and family weddings. I wanted to deliver it once, even if it had to be on the last day of the service, to have my little piece of history,” said Vishnu.

Vishnu is busy shooting his next film ‘Doosukeltha’. Dr. Mohan Babu is producing this movie on 24 Frames banner. Vishnu’s daughters Arianna and Vivianna will be presenting the movie. Veeru Potla is directing it who previously shown potential as a good director of comedy entertainers and Vishnu is banking on him to deliver one more success.