Cinema Krishna & C ++ Radha

By - July 27, 2013 - 12:31 PM IST

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We know the title is too misleading to assume them to be the names of a love couple and we also know that our readers are smart enough to be misled!

Well before you start writing your own stories, let us clarify that our writer only wishes to convey that if ‘Cinema’ is Lord Krishna, even C++ is a ‘Radha’.

[You are right Sesh Adivi – You should KISS…we mean Keep It Simple Stupid!]

Cinema is one angelic mermaid that entices anyone from a pirate to a school principal. And legends like Mani Ratnam rightly say “Cinema is a bug. Once you are bitten by it, you remain seriously bitten”! Anyone and everyone who taste it should get addicted and there are many testaments to this in the industry. From absolutely ground zero or from other professional planets, there are many who migrated to this field to live their filmmaking dreams.

Well C++… Cinema
Mathematics… Megaphone
IIT Madras – Film Nagar
Tech Park…Tollywood

Seem pretty contrary right? But the budding big man Madhura Sreedhar Reddy alias Madhura Sreedhar bridged a Howrah bridge between them and made it look ‘Ceralac Simple’.

From being a graduate of Regional Engineering College, Warangal, he is a self-made man who came up in the world.  Having worked at premier software giants like TCS, Wipro and Infosys, he streamed a new drift and proved that even software engineers can make it big here! IIT Madras qualified him as an A1 Engineer but ace audio distributing agency ‘Madhura Audio’ announced to the world that he is a successful entrepreneur who struck gold in a showbiz business.  

Yes Madhura Sreedhar is a successful businessman but he has his heart set on something else and that’s filmmaking! He fought tooth and nail and has made Snehageetham in 2010 which was critically acclaimed. With the initial boost it gave, he made Its My Love Story in 2011- unfortunately no one was interested in. But undeterred Sreedhar made Back bench Student early this year. Apart from its financial fate, the film made enough buzz in the industry especially for its innovative marketing. Even eminent writer like Chetan Bhagat couldn’t resist tweeting about it – Smart man eh? This ardent fan of RGV says “I find the filmmaking process similar to that of a software project management” and adds that “Filmmaking has correlation towards SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).”- Woah… Give us a break! Connecting software and creative-ware? Interesting!

Well, while lecturing about topics like ‘the new wave/ evolving Telugu cinema/ essentiality of standards and innovation in our Telugu cinema’, we believe names like Madhura Sreedhar would only kindle inspiration and motivation.

Go Tollywood Go!