Sonia Agarwal as an item Girl!

By - July 27, 2013 - 07:39 AM IST

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7/G Brindavan Colony’ does it ring any bells? Do you remember the role of Anita? The pretty damsel with innocent eyes, attractive features and remarkable performance made her role ingrained in our memories.  The movie also received good success. The dame who attracted everyone so much is none other than Sonia Agarwal. Even though the movie was successful, she did not get any offers in Telugu but was able to bag a dozen films in Tamil.  She married Tamil director Raghavan Pillai and distanced herself from the movies.

Now the bond is broken and is on the look out for opportunities. she is pretty much aware that she will not get good characters in her second innings and as such is getting adjusted with special roles. Sonia is now going to be seen as an item girl in the movie ‘Amma Nanna Oorelithe’ under the direction of Anji Srinu. There is a special song in this movie which will be done by Sonia. The movie shooting will finish after this song and the audio also will be released soon. If this song click’s then Sonia will get many more offers as an item girl.  But Sonia is hoping good characters will come in her way. Let wait and see if those opportunities arrive!