Nagma re-entry in Tollywood?

By - July 30, 2013 - 07:54 AM IST

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Pandu Pandu Pandu … Erra Pandu’ – do you remember Chiranjeevi co-star Nagma dancing to this tune. Gharana Mogudu,VarasuduKillerAllari Alludu, Rikshavodu and many other movies featured Nagma co-starring with almost all the heroes of her generation. In the film Allari Ramudu she even did the role of Jr.NTR Mother-in-law. After that she did not get any offers and got sidelined. Now the news is that she will feature in a movie directed by Teja.

Teja is currently busy with his upcoming flick ‘Veyyi Abaddalu’ and the story got ready for his next film. Teja believes that Nagma fits perfectly for a key role in this film.  Teja spoke on this topic and said “It is true that I narrated the story to Nagma, but the discussions are still going on. It will be a while before we take a decision.”